Simplify your production of GaN-on-Si Epiwafers

As a manufacturer of GaN-on-Si epiwafers,

What if you could:

Reduce Epiwafer Buffer Layers

Conventional methods of GaN synthesis require the growth of multiple buffer layers. What if you could dramatically reduce the number of required buffer layers?

Reduced Production Cost + Time

Less buffer layers = lower production costs/time.

Reduced Patent Licensing

Less buffer layers = less patent licensing.

Introducing: EasyGaN

EasyGaN provides a patented manufacturing method (license required) that simplifies the production of epiready templates. These templates facilitate quicker and simpler GaN synthesis for producing GaN epiwafer stacks to be used in the fields of optoelectronics, electronics and beyond.

Licensed EasyGaN Production Method

Simplified GaN Synthesis

40-50% Reduction in production time

16-25% reduction in production costs

less buffer layers = less patents required

What do our customers say?



Produce advanced AlN-on-Si templates with built-in solutions for dislocation reduction and strain management.


Produce epiready AlN-on-Si templates for direct 2D GaN growth. The highly resistive AlN is ideal for radio-frequency and power electronics devices.


Produce custom state-of-the-art AlN-on-Si stacks ideal for advanced applications in photonics, optomechanics, NEMS, sensors, acoustic resonators, and more.

How is EasyGaN Unique?




Reduces Production Time

Reduces Production Costs

Reduces Required Patents

Reduces Buffer Layers

Plug-and-Play Templates

Sustainable Production

With 20+ years experience developing GaN-on-Si technology, EasyGaN is proven to simplify your production of GaN epiwafers.

To learn more about EasyGaN's technology and how to license it, download our free white paper.


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